РFortiGate 7030E- The FortiGate 7030E is a 6U 19 inch rackmount 3-slot chassis with a 80Gbps fabric and 1Gbps base backplane designed by Fortinet. The fabric backplane provides network data communication and the base backplane provides management and synch communication among the chassis slots.- РFortiGate 7030E front panel- The FortiGate 7030E chassis is managed by a single management module that includes an Ethernet  connection as well as two switchable console ports that provide console connections to the modules in the chassis slots. The management module controls chassis cooling and power management and provides an interface for managing the modules installed in the chassis. The standard configuration of the FortiGate-7030E includes one FIM (interface) module in chassis slot 1 and two FPM (processing) modules in chassis slots 3 and 4. The front panel also includes a sealed blank panel. Breaking the seal or removing the panel voids your FortiGate 7030E warranty.- РFortiGate 7030E schematic- The FortiGate 7030E chassis schematic below shows the communication channels between chassis components including the management module (MGMT)

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