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HPE 16-Gb FC QMH2572 HBA

HPE 16-Gb FC QMH2572 HBA

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HPE 16-Gb FC QMH2572 HBA
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  • Brand: HPE
  • Part Number: 710608-B21
  • Condition: Refurbished
  • Part Number: 710608-B21
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HPE 16GB Dual-Port Fibre Channel Mezzanine Card
QMH2572 Host Bus Adapter
for Proliant C-Class Blade Server

Part Number(s)
Option Part# 710608-B21
Spare Part# 711305-001

The HPE 16-Gb FC QMH2572 HBA is a high-performance Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter designed to enhance connectivity and storage capabilities for HPE servers. With dual 16-Gb ports, it offers efficient data transfer and communication over Fibre Channel networks, ensuring seamless connectivity between servers and storage devices. This adapter is optimized for data-intensive tasks and demanding applications, delivering enhanced storage performance and efficiency. Equipped with advanced features, it supports modern networking demands and is compatible with various HPE server models. Whether you're expanding network capabilities or aiming to optimize storage operations, the HPE 16-Gb FC QMH2572 HBA provides the speed, reliability, and versatility needed to elevate your server's connectivity and storage infrastructure, ensuring smooth data exchange and efficient communication within enterprise environments.

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