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HPE IB EDR/Ethernet 100Gb DP 840QSFP28

HPE IB EDR/Ethernet 100Gb DP 840QSFP28

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HPE IB EDR/Ethernet 100Gb DP 840QSFP28
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  • Brand: HPE
  • Part Number: 825111-B21
  • Condition: Refurbished
  • Part Number: 825111-B21
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HPE IB EDR/Ethernet 100Gb DP 840QSFP28

Part Number(s):
Manufacturer Part# 825111-B21
Spare Part# 828108-001

The HPE InfiniBand (IB) EDR/Ethernet 100Gb 2-Port 840QSFP28 Adapter is a versatile, high-performance network adapter designed for HPE ProLiant XL and DL servers. This adapter is tailored to customers who require low latency and high bandwidth connectivity in their high-performance computing (HPC) systems. Based on Mellanox ConnectX-4 technology, this adapter offers exceptional scalability and fabric flexibility.

The dual-port card can operate as a dual-port EDR InfiniBand card, a dual-port 100GbE Ethernet card, or a mixed-function card. The single-port card can function as a single-port EDR InfiniBand card or a single-port 100GbE Ethernet card. When paired with EDR InfiniBand switches or 100GbE switches, these adapters deliver low latency and up to 100Gbps bandwidth. This makes them ideal for performance-driven server and storage clustering applications in HPC and enterprise data center environments.

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