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HPE MSA 2040 Storage

HPE MSA 2040 Storage

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HPE MSA 2040 Storage
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  • Part Number: MSA 2040
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The ENERGY STAR certified HPE MSA 2040 is a high-performance storage array designed for entry-level customers of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. It offers various connectivity options such as 8Gb/16Gb Fibre Channel, 1GbE/10GbE iSCSI, or 12Gb SAS, with four host ports per controller. The MSA 2040 is aimed at customers who require a balance between performance and price, particularly for initiatives like consolidation and virtualization.

The MSA 2040 Storage array delivers high performance through its controller architecture and provides 6GB cache per controller or 12GB per storage array. It supports various types of drives, including SSDs, Enterprise SAS HDDs, Midline SAS HDDs, and Self Encrypting Drives. The storage array supports both SAN and SAS interfaces and can accommodate up to four host ports per controller or eight host ports per storage array.

There are two types of controllers available for the MSA 2040: the MSA 2040 SAN Controller, which offers 8Gb/16Gb FC connectivity and/or 1GbE/10GbE iSCSI connectivity, and the MSA 2040 SAS Controller, which provides 6Gb/12Gb SAS connectivity.

When you purchase the HPE MSA 2040 Storage, it comes with a license for 64 snapshots, which can be used for enhanced data protection. The MSA 2040 now offers a simplified licensing strategy with one optional software suite called the Advanced Data Services Suite. This suite includes the following software licenses: HPE MSA 2042 Performance Automated Tiering LTU, HPE MSA 512-Snapshot Software LTU, and HPE MSA Remote Snap Software LTU.

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