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HPE QSFP/SFP+ Adapter Kit

HPE QSFP/SFP+ Adapter Kit

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HPE QSFP/SFP+ Adapter Kit
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  • Brand: HPE
  • Part Number: 655874 B21
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  • Part Number: 655874 B21
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HPE QSFP/SFP+ Adapter Kit

Part Number: 655874 B21

The HPE QSFP/SFP+ Adapter Kit (Part Number: 655874-B21) is designed to provide seamless and efficient conversion between QSFP and SFP+ connections in your data center or networking environment. This versatile adapter kit ensures compatibility and interoperability between different networking devices and modules, allowing for a smooth transition and upgrade process.

Featuring a compact and easy-to-install design, the HPE QSFP/SFP+ Adapter Kit enables you to quickly connect QSFP-based devices, such as switches and routers, to SFP+ transceivers, ensuring optimal performance and flexibility in your network architecture. This adapter kit is suitable for various applications, including data center interconnects, high-performance computing clusters, and enterprise LANs.

Constructed to meet HPE's rigorous quality requirements, the QSFP/SFP+ Adapter Kit provides reliable and durable connectivity solutions for your networking needs. By facilitating seamless integration and reducing potential compatibility issues, the HPE QSFP/SFP+ Adapter Kit simplifies network deployment, maintenance, and upgrades, ultimately enhancing overall system productivity and efficiency.

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