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HPE Smart Array P440/2-GB SAS Controller

HPE Smart Array P440/2-GB SAS Controller

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HPE Smart Array P440/2-GB SAS Controller
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  • Brand: HPE
  • Part Number: 820834-B21
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  • Part Number: 820834-B21
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HPE Smart Array P440/2GB FBWC 12GB 1-Port Internal SAS Controller

Part Numbers:
Option Part: 820834-B21
Spare Part: 830057-001

The HPE Smart Array P440 Controller is a low-profile, PCIe 3 x8, 12Gb/s Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) RAID controller offering enterprise-class storage performance, data protection, and increased internal scalability with an SAS Expander Card for select HPE ProLiant Gen9 rack and tower servers. Featuring eight internal physical links, this controller enhances server uptime by providing advanced storage functionality, including online RAID level migration (between any RAID levels) with flash back write cache (FBWC), global online spare, and pre-failure warning. The Gen9 family of controllers supports the HPE Storage Battery.

The HPE Smart Array P440/2GB SAS Controller is a high-performance storage solution designed to optimize data management in HPE servers. With 2GB cache, it enhances data processing and storage efficiency, ensuring seamless management of RAID configurations and performance-driven storage tasks. This controller supports various RAID levels, providing flexibility and data protection for diverse workloads. Equipped with advanced features, it delivers reliable performance and scalability, catering to the demands of modern storage requirements. Whether you're upgrading storage capabilities or aiming to streamline storage operations, the HPE Smart Array P440/2GB SAS Controller offers the speed, reliability, and adaptability needed to elevate your server's storage infrastructure, ensuring efficient data handling and storage management within enterprise environments.

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